John Appleton - Footpath Warden

Having lived in Appleton for over 30 years and raised a family, with my wife Carol we moved to live in Stretton in 2004. We have been married for over 44 years and have raised two sons and we are now blessed with 4 fabulous grandchildren. I was a cub and scout leader in the 1st Appleton Scout Group and involved in scouting in Warrington for over 20 years which has given me, among many interests, a love of the countryside. I also take a keen interest in the community of Stretton. As the footpath warden it gives me an opportunity to ensure the beauty of the countryside surrounding Stretton can remain open and accessible and to be enjoyed by all who venture out to enjoy our village

I retired in 2015 and progress my hobbies of tinkering with classic cars and motorcycles, DIY, gardening, running our garden railway with the help of our grandchildren and tending our new orchard and literally enjoying the fruits of our labour

Being the Footpath Warden, and following the example of the previous warden, Andrea Marshall, it involves monitoring the 11 rights of way within the Parish. I walk the public footpaths and bridle-paths regularly to identify any concerns regarding access, styles, signage and obstructions which I then report to Warrington Borough Council who facilitate any action required. Preserving these paths is essential in the maintenance of our countryside, please try to use them whenever possible and provide the Parish Council with any feedback from your experience

Footpaths of Stretton

In Stretton there are 11 public rights of way which are numbered 1 - 12 with no number 11 

There are 10 public footpaths shown on the map as a blue line and one bridle way which is shown as a green line. (See map)

Footpath 1 follows along the Roman road from St Matthew's church to Owen's corner

Footpath 2 stretches from style on Summit Close to Well Lane next to Tanyard Farm in Lower Stretton

Footpath 3 is the bridle way from Tanyard Farm, around Moss Hall and further to Whitley Reed

Footpath 4 starts opposite Mosswood Hall on Stretton Road and continues across field to Walnut Tree Lane in Appleton Thorn

Footpath 5 starts at kissing gate opposite Stretton House on Northwich Road and continues across fields to School Lane in Whitley

Footpath 6 starts at the end of the old Tarporley Road near the Hollow Tree pub and continues across a number of fields to Pilmoss Lane in Hatton

Footpath 7 starts at Moss Hall in lower Stretton and continues alongside Stretton and appleton Moss to Arley New Road in Appleton Thorn

Footpath 8 is a cul de sac footpath as a result of the M56. It starts next to Mosswood Hall on Stretton road through fields and finishes at the motorway!

Footpath 9 starts at style next to Wayside cottage on Northwich Road and follows fields to Roolymoor House on Tarporley Road

Footpath 10 starts near Applejacks Farm, follows the bridge over the M56, turns right and follows the motorway for a short distance and then splits into different paths leading to Appleton Thorn

No footpath 11

Footpath 12 is a short distance of pavement leading to the Stretton Fox 

Lots of these footpaths link with other parish footpaths and can provide a good circular route